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Jack's Story

Jack is now 62 years old. He first started having prostate problems about the age of 52. He was sent to a urologist in 1993. He had a PSA test and then a biopsy at that time. The biopsy came back negative. It was a "watch and wait" thing. The biopsy made him quite sick so he was glad to accept the good report.

He went in every year for a PSA test. It went up a little at a time. In May of 1996 it went to 5.7 and by October of that year it was 9.6. His regular family doctor sent him to a urologist here in our town.

The doctor said that a PSA of 10 is almost always cancer. He had another biopsy at that time. It was very painful for him this time but did not make him sick. Somehow during the mailing, all the samples got mixed as to which went where, but they all were said to be cancerous. He had a bone scan and it came out clear.

They wanted to do surgery right away. He said he wanted more time. He wanted to look into other forms of treatment. We went to Virginia Mason and talked to them about his condition. They told us that he had a basic choice, surgery or radiation. Another possibility was the "seed". At the end, he chose surgery.

They did the surgery in Dec. of 96. They said that the lymph nodes all were clear and removed his prostate. They then decided to do radiation as a precautionary measure. They did a PSA at that time and it was up to 15. The doctors thought that it was a typ-o so they did it again.

In two weeks it went up to 18. Jack then went to U. of W. and had a test called a cyto-scan and another PSA which now was 28. They found that his cancer had gone up instead of down. One lymph node around his aorta and one by his liver. They said that he had the choice of chemical castration or regular castration. Or nothing. He chose the chemical. Casodex and Lupron. (Great choices!).

While I was at work some of my friends told me about Rife. I took the material home to him. He was interested but scared. We went to the Rife Conference in Canada in October 1998. He was then ready to start at once. Right after the conference, we went to my friends' house to get him started. He started building his own Rife/Bare machine. In November, he had a Seattle nutritionist we will call "Dr. A.C. Volt" send a saliva sample to a naturopath in Idaho for testing. He also began using an extract made from the grape plant and saw palmetto activated with radionics along with his Rife treatments.

He quit taking the Casodex the first of December 1998 and did not get a Lupron shot in January. His PSA has gone down to 2.1 and then to 0.2 as of January 28.

He is starting to feel better, mental as well as physical. He has been quite faithful at taking his health/natural medications and running his machine. He is not sure which is doing the most. We are sure that it is a combination of the two, natural/homeopathic medication and the Rife/Bare machine. With the Lord's help we will continue with both.

Jack and I would like to thank all the people who helped us through this rough time.

Jack and Kathy

(I am in contact with this couple, and Kathy told me in March 2000 that the PSA remains very low.)

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