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Heilungsansätze bei Krebs - Jimmy's Leukämie
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Jimmy's Leukemia Results

Jimmy was diagnosed with ALL leukemia in August 1997. After much chemo and so on, his condition changed to AML leukemia, an even more serious condition. As his treatment continued, it became clear that the leukemia was not clearing up but that he was dying of the treatment, and in May 1999 his parents decided to stop all medical treatments and seek alternatives. Fourteen weeks later, Jimmy was well. He is now (March 2000) four and a half.

Jimmy used a Astropulse Model D contact pad type "Rife machine". The following frequencies were used foot to foot for three minutes each, every other day for two weeks: 2127, 2008, 880, 787, 727, 690, 666, 590, 10000, 2008, 6.8, 1850, 450, 440, 428, 14, 15, 2030, 15, 2030, 15, 2030, 465. For weeks 3-6, each frequency was used for five minutes. For weeks 7 on, seven minutes per frequency. All this time, Jimmy was carefully watched to make sure this program did not over-stress him.

Jimmy ate a vegetarian diet, took Microhydrin, Eniva ionic minerals, and drank two quarts of distilled water daily. (A lot of water for a 4 year old.) To each 8 ounces of water were added 10 drops of "Stabilized Oxygen" which is a sodium chlorite solution similar to the Halox that I have been using. He continues the stabilized oxygen water at the rate of one quart per day.

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